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What is the Led Driver?

Date:2020.12.26   Views:2145

Many people have heard of LED lights, so what is the led driver? Today, the led driver supplier will explain explain the importance and role of led drivers .

LED driver

First of all, LED driver a basic concept is to convert 220V AC into DC voltage available for LEDs (generally in 3-110V), the so-called constant voltage drive is a constant output voltage, variable current, such as our common decorative light bars with switching power supply, the advantage is that it can be arbitrarily connected in parallel with multiple strings of lights (within the specified current), the greater the power the lower the cost, the disadvantage is the greater impact on the life of the LED, so we see the label are such: constant output voltage (usually 12V/24V), current and output power can be selected.

Led Driver

Why LEDs need drivers?

LED lights are not able to directly use the conventional utility grid voltage, due to the characteristics of the LED light source, in order to meet the special voltage and current requirements of the LED, must use specially designed voltage conversion equipment to make the LED work properly, so the LED lamps and lanterns have a power supply drive mode that is different from traditional lamps and lanterns.

The role of LED driver

LED driver power supply is the key to LED lamps and lanterns, it is like a person's heart, to manufacture high-quality, LED lamps and lanterns for lighting must give up the constant voltage way to drive LED. constant current source drive is the best way to drive the LED, using constant current source drive, without the series connection of current limiting resistors in the output circuit, the current flowing through the LED is not subject to external power supply voltage changes, ambient temperature changes, as well as LED parameters discrete impact. and LED parameters discrete impact, so that the current can be kept constant, giving full play to the excellent characteristics of the LED.

LED constant current power supply to LED lamps and lanterns, because during the work of the power supply will automatically detect and control the current flowing through the LED, therefore, do not have to worry about the moment of power on too high current flowing through the LED, and do not have to worry about the load short circuit burned power supply.

The use of constant current drive mode, it can avoid the LED forward voltage change caused by current changes, while the constant current to make the LED brightness stable, but also facilitate the implementation of mass production of LED lamps and lanterns to ensure product consistency, so many manufacturers have been fully aware of the importance of the drive power supply, many LED lamps and lanterns manufacturers have abandoned the constant voltage mode, and the use of slightly higher cost constant current mode to drive the LED lamps and lanterns.