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How Do You Change Led Driver?

Date:2020.10.14   Views:2028

Most LED lighting products use led drivers, which function like fluorescent lamp ballasts. When replacing the driver in the led, the function of the new driver should be the same as the original driver. 

To ensure this, the new driver should match the same characteristics, while also providing a form to make it fit the led in the same space. Do you know how to change Led driver?

IP67 200W Led Driver

IP67 200W Led Driver

1. Check the Led bulb drive exporter's driver label and LED module.

You have to see if the driver is available, which means it can be changed. If it is a light bulb, the probability that it will be available is zero. All information on the driver's label must be clear and easy to read. 

For information about system and driver replacement, please refer to the led label and installation instructions. It is relatively simple to use a driver from the same Led bulb drive exporter as a replacement. 

Submit the model and adjustment (program current) level to the led or driver manufacturer. Most Led bulb drive exporters provide the current level of the program on the label or the second label.

2. It is relatively simple to use a Led driver from the same Led bulb drive exporter as an alternative.

Submit the model and adjustment (program current) level to the lamp or driver manufacturer. Most Led bulb drive exporter provide the current level of the program on the label or the second label. 

When using different manufacturers, WAW recommends consulting the lamp or LED module manufacturer to determine the rated current of the LED module. 

The Led bulb drive exporter can provide a list of suitable replacement drives and their characteristics. 

If you don't know the type of leader, it can be beneficial to photograph the leader module. Different shapes (e.g., round and square) may have different drive currents.

3. Note that programming tuning values are usually not transferred from one manufacturer to the next.

Tuning can be difficult to replicate. If the current is too high or too low, the lamp may appear too bright or dim and share the same space with other lamps. 

Excessive current may also reduce the life of the power supply, invalidate the original configuration approved by the safety agency, and invalidate energy conservation, based on utility rebates. 

The tools and processes required for on-site tuning may be the only driver manufacturer; providing these tools to end users is not recommended.

4. Test the replacement led driver.

The building power supply is alternating current, confirm that the input voltage on the input side matches the building power supply. At the output end, confirm that o=utput matches the drive dc. 

Usually it is 24dc, 36dc, 48dc or 54dc. Make sure that the dimming and other wires are turned off. Then you need to find a replacement led driver of similar size that meets the input power, voltage, output current, etc. 

If you find matches, you can replace them. The good news is that it is usually easier to replace them than to find them.

IP67 200W Led Driver

IP67 Led Driver

LED driver is critical to the performance of the lamp. In this way, we can carry out long-term after-sales for all high-lumen LED lights, because WAW Led bulb drive exporter know you will have no problems.