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What Is An LED Driver?

Date:2020.10.24   Views:2074

The LED driver refers to the power adjustment electronic device that drives the LED to emit light or the LED module component to work normally. Due to the conduction characteristics of the LED PN junction, the voltage and current range of the power supply it can adapt to is very narrow. A slight deviation may not be able to light up the LED or the luminous efficiency will be seriously reduced, or the service life may be shortened or the chip may be burned. The current industrial frequency power supply and common battery power supply are not suitable for directly supplying LEDs. LED drivers are such electronic components that can drive LEDs to work under the optimal voltage or current state.

LED Driver

Since LED applications are almost in all areas of electronics applications, the changes in its luminous intensity, light color and on-off control are almost unpredictable, so the LED driver becomes almost a one-to-one servo device, making this device Family members have become diverse. The simplest LED driver (if you can call it that way) may be one or several series-parallel resistor-capacitor components that divide the current and divide the voltage in the loop. It is not an independent product at all. For more general commercial applications that require stable constant current and constant voltage output, a series of system solutions with precise power adjustment capabilities have been formed. Realizing these solutions usually requires a more complicated circuit design, the core of which is the integrated application of LED driver ICs. By setting up different support circuits on the periphery of the LED driver IC, we can build solutions for different LED applications, ranging from mobile phone display backlighting and button lighting drivers to high-power LED street lights and large outdoor LED displays.

The design and supply of more common high-power LED drivers are generally undertaken by professional companies. These companies repackage them into modules and supply them to LED end application product manufacturers. The driver design of the less general LED terminal application products may need to be designed by yourself. It has become an important part of the unique technical content of this LED terminal application product. Because the LED as a packaged product is upstream, its technical performance has been solidified in the LED product to create a unique terminal LED application product.

Due to the unique importance of the LED driver in LED application products and the wide range of user needs, the LED driver IC, which is the heart of the LED driver, has become a key element in the entire technical link.

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